The Nassau Resort Experience

Just off the coast of Florida is the closest heaven gets to earth. In the middle of a chain of more than 700 islands, you will discover the magical mix of traditional British colonial formality combined with the relaxed lifestyle of the Caribbean. The jewel in the crown of the Bahamas is the island of New Providence, home to Nassau […]

Accounting Conventions and Accounting Concepts

(1) Relevance The relevance convention emphasizes the fact that accounting should only make available information that is relevant and useful to achieve its objectives. For example, are companies interested in knowing what the total cost of labor has been? You are not interested in knowing how many employees spend and how much they save. (2) Objectivity The objectivity convention emphasizes […]

What is business sense?

What is the main thing you need to be successful in your business today? Money. Sure, you need it, but it’s not the main ingredient for success. People. Of course they are necessary, but having them may not guarantee success. Excellent products or services. Well, this is a must to be successful. But you may have them and still not […]

Fifteen Cornwall – A Review of the Jamie Oliver Inspired Restaurant, Fifteen Cornwall

The Jamie Oliver-inspired take on Fifteen Cornwall, arguably Cornwall’s best restaurant, is a bit unusual. He crosses the car park in front of The Hotel and Extreme Academy in Watergate Bay on the north Cornish coast between Padstow and Newquay, heading towards a low wooden wall. The only indication that you’re in the right place are the tall flags emblazoned […]