You can fire your maid but do it within the law to the letter

Firing a maid can be unavoidable and does and should happen if you fight her beyond redemption. If a maid constantly steals from you, you have no choice but to end the relationship. A maid can also turn her home into an entertaining boarding house for her friends and boyfriends (this is often done by untrained maids), she is left […]

Different types of kitchen tables for every need

In recent years, as many kitchen designs have emerged, the furniture it contains has also changed, specifically the tables. Tables are a staple for kitchens everywhere and a lot has been done to improve them. If you are considering a new kitchen table for your kitchen, here is a quick guide to the different types out there. 1. Common in […]

Seeing is believing and how things should be

I was walking on the beach this morning enjoying the sound of the sea lapping at the pebbles. My mind was at neutral and I was grateful for such a beautiful morning and for the blessing of living on the coast. My thoughts drifted and wandered towards realizing one of my most cherished goals, and then towards the trade deal […]

Circular Saw Vs Table Saw – Pros and Cons

Each type of saw has its pros and cons. The decision to go with either one should be made after a thorough review of them, as it will depend on how the tool is used. So when you compare a circular saw to a table saw, there is really no right or wrong, it comes down to convenience, speed, power, […]

Test Resources and Good Study Tips

Tests are part of life, some of the most common types are SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, IELTS, NCLEX and the list goes on … It is true that each of us has different study habits and preparation for exams, whatever your approach, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of some or all the help at your fingertips. 1. […]

Is Jealousy An Incurable Disease?

Everyone has experienced the feeling of jealousy and knows what it is like, one way or another. It can be of different types, difficult to keep under control and be a part of your relationship. Some think it is another face of love, others consider it a lack of confidence. You may be jealous because you are too in love […]

How to increase immunity to rats

As winter approaches, it is important to focus our attention on how we can increase our rats’ immunity against infection and provide them with the best possible defense during what is often a vulnerable time for rats, especially the elderly. High humidity, along with cold, can create conditions that affect a vulnerable rat’s respiratory system. This is due to the […]