Michael Schumacher, seven times world champion, is a German Formula 1 driver. He is one of the famous champions, well known for his career. The number of races he has contested so far is 304 with a tremendous 91 wins. He started his Formula One career successfully in 1991 with the Benetton F1 team. He moved to the Ferrari team in 1996, until 2005 he was driving for the Ferrari team with consecutive wins. In 2006, he retired from F1 but joined Ferrari as a Formula One advisor. Later, in 2010, he signed a three-year contract with the Mercedes GP team and returned to racing again.

Schumacher’s career as a runner is a wonderful journey without controversy. He is the only runner who has achieved too many records with great inspiration. He has been through several injuries and accidents. He is extremely well known for his quality and success. Aside from his success and stardom, he has also been through many penalties when it comes to competing.

Michael Schumacher at the Indian Grand Prix

It was a great honor for the Indian fans to have an F1 legend to compete in the Indian Grand Prix. He finished in 5th position by scoring 10 points at the 2011 Indian GP. When asked about his thoughts on racing in India, Schumacher said: “I’ve always been curious about new cultures, so I’m really looking forward to to travel to India, since I have not been there”. After finishing his career for 2011, “India’s Formula 1 debut last year was definitely a success,” Schumacher said. He too is excited and looking forward to the 2012 Indian GP.

Amazing facts about Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher has a lucky pendant, and you can tell he doesn’t drive without it.

He is not interested in letting his son participate in Formula 1 racing, but he will advise him for other sports such as golf or tennis.

He likes designing cars and has done a few designs for Ferrari.

He has no friends in Formula One.

He does not speak to his brother Ralf Schumacher, who is also a runner.

It has a unique character or hobby of collecting watches.

Michael Schumacher Latest News

Schumacher failed to achieve a win in all three years with the Mercedes team. “I thought two years was enough time to win the title,” said Schumacher. “It was a team that had just won the world championship and now it was a big name like Mercedes. I thought if we put two and two together we would push it towards that end. But it didn’t succeed.”

Michael Schumacher is looking forward to returning to India for the upcoming 2012 Indian Grand Prix. He said, “There were a surprising number of fans over the weekend, and the track itself is really great. We drivers received a very enthusiastic reception. . , and it will be interesting to see if this enthusiasm has stayed as strong.”

He has made an official announcement about his retirement at the end of this season, 2012. He said “Goodbye to Formula One racing.”

Schumacher’s hobbies

riding horses






of yachts


Michael Schumacher Favorites

Food: Italian food

Music: Rock

Singer: Michael Jackson, Collins

Drink: Apple juice with mineral water

Schumi loves pets and has rabbits, horses, tortoises and dogs on his farm in Switzerland.

He likes to smoke cigars and drink wine.

He loves soccer and even plays on a Swiss team.


ADAC Motorsports Personality of the Year, 1992

Golden Flyer Award, 1993

AvD Sports Award, 1994

German Sports Personality of the Year, 1995

Silver Laurel Award, 1997

Golden Lion Award, 1997

World Sports Award, 2001

Champion of Champions, 2001

World Sports Personality of the Year, 2002

Sports Champion, 2002

European Sports Personality of the Year, 2002

Honorary Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino, 2003

World Sports Personality of the Year, 2004

Sports Personality of the Century, 2004

Prince of Asturias Award for Sports, 2007

Knighthood in the Legion of Honor, 2010

GQ Sportsman of the Year, 2010

Social contribution

Michael Schumacher Social Contribution is mainly dedicated to charity and helps poor and disadvantaged children with educational and health facilities. Some of the organizations with which he is associated are:


Red Cross


All the above information about Michael Schumacher clearly indicates that he is one of the world personalities. As one of the most successful F1 drivers, he has created a huge impact in F1 and was also an inspiration to upcoming racers.

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