The most common question I hear from women considering buying a Lady-Comp is:

“How does the Lady-Comp fertility monitor really work?”

Lady-Comp is a natural, hormone-free method of birth control (or family planning when you’re ready to get pregnant) based on a safe, easy-to-use electronic device that notifies you when it’s safe or when to avoid intimacy (also known as having sexual intercourse). without protection).

So let’s go into this in a little more detail.

How do I use it?

Lady-Comp designers made fertility monitoring simple. It only takes 30 seconds first thing in the morning to take a temperature (usually orally) and it does the rest. The reason you take it first thing in the morning is to keep a constant record of your basal body temperature. That is, your lowest body temperature that occurs when you first wake up before getting up. From there, the screen will tell you everything you need to know.

Is it safe to use?

Yes! It is quite remarkable how much our own bodies can tell us and is easily interpreted using Lady-Comp. It intelligently learns about your cycle and gives you an indication of the phase you are in. Results have been clinically proven to be 99.3% accurate (compared to the 92% success rate of the birth control pill, for example). However, just like with the pill, you have to be very consistent with how you use it and not skip a day. All this without the need for hormones or drugs!

The screen

The screen itself is digital, so it’s easy to read. The timer display, along with the other indicators, is yellow. This allows the green and red indicator lights (which specify when you are fertile or not) to be clearly recognizable. The simplicity of the easy to read display ensures there is no ambiguity when presenting your results while using Lady-Comp as a form of birth control.

What does the red/yellow/green indicator mean?

Lady-Comp uses a traffic light-like colored light indicator system so you can easily recognize your “safe” and “avoid” times. Below is an explanation of each color.

Green: Since this device was originally made to prevent pregnancy, a green light indicates phases of your cycle when you are not ovulating and therefore can safely have sex without the threat of pregnancy.

Yellow – Yellow light indicates that the device does not have enough data to provide an accurate result. This can happen if your cycles are irregular or if you missed a few days of recording your temperature. It is best to avoid unprotected intercourse at this time until the light indicates green.

Red: The red light will turn on 6 days before your ovulation date. You can only get pregnant during the ovulation phase of your cycle, which is the day of ovulation and about 6 days before (as sperm can survive up to 6 days under the right conditions).

How do you know my cycles?

The information stored on this minicomputer can be entered manually (if you have kept track of your cycles) or you can use it for a month initially while you avoid unprotected sex, so you can learn your menstrual cycle.

The choice is yours, but the more information this non-hormonal contraceptive device has in its memory, the more accurate the results will be. If there is any ambiguity about what the correct result should be, the yellow light comes on. This way, it’s easy to tell what the outcome of having sex might be.

Where do you get the data from?

The Lady-Comp fertility monitor collects its data from the thermometer that is attached to it. Every morning, before you get up to start your day, you should take a temperature reading. This is done by placing the thermometer under the tongue for 30 seconds. Lady comp will beep when it is enough to get the reading, so no need to look at the watch. This will record your daily basal body temperature. This must be done daily. If you forget to take your temperature before getting up, you should wait until the next day before taking the next reading.

In shorts

By tracking fluctuations in your basal body temperature, the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor can predict when you’ll be ovulating. It’s that easy. Red when you’re ovulating and green when it’s safe to have sex. If you miss a day or there is not enough data, the yellow light will turn on. If you do not want to get pregnant, you should refrain from unprotected sex during the red and yellow indicator days. Green = Go!

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