Great Ways to Use Essential Oils for Your Dog

Here are some simple ways to prevent health problems for your dog. Young Living essential oil products are natural ways to promote health, naturally prevent pests, and help stop tooth decay. Please note that not all essential oil brands are processed to Young Living standards, and if you use other brands you may not receive the benefits and may be […]

5 Steps To Overcome Employee Mindset: Are You Still Thinking Like An Employee?

Business owners, do you still think like an employee? Don’t take this as an invasive question. It is not unusual to deviate from the behavior of previous employees even after several years of running your business. I call this the leftovers of “employee thinking.” It is not unusual for after operating your business for several years to return to behave […]

31 minutes of professional wrestling cardio training!

In pro wrestling, you shouldn’t be interested in that mindless cardio where your brain goes to a different place. No, you need to focus on your heart and lungs while also concentrating on stimulating your mind. This is a sport for thinking men, all the meat stains are already taken! The Pro Wrestlers cardio workout will be intense, but it […]

How long does a workers’ compensation claim stay on your file?

If you’ve been injured on the job in the past and filed a workers’ compensation claim, you are familiar with the treatment, recovery, and paperwork involved. Depending on the circumstances and severity of your injury, and the geographic location of your workplace, certain laws may apply to your situation. If it happened that you had to hire legal representation to […]

Hide, animal abusers, your destiny comes to grab you

Having a pet changes your life. It makes you more liberal, more loyal, and more considerate of others. Animals teach us a lot, you know. We call them animals, but they are actually taller, quite a bit better than us humans, who take pride in everything. They are always one step ahead of what we do in our lives to […]

Best Self Defense Products for Healthcare Workers

Most healthcare providers start their careers because they want to make a positive impact in the lives of others. They believe in bringing healing to people. Very few of them know or understand the dangers inherent in their jobs. There are situations that are simply not covered in textbooks or in classrooms. The International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security […]

Sports Psychology: What Are Olympians Really Like?

The 2012 Olympics garnered excellent television viewership ratings. Apparently, Americans were really drawn to this year’s games. The Olympics are a distraction from some of the economic and political unrest that seem to dominate the news most of the time. The Olympic Games also give rise to a feeling of pride and nationalism among fans and spectators around the world. […]

Sequoia Day Trip from Lemoore, California

Lemoore is located in central California and is perfect for a wide variety of family trips, including the two-hour drive to historic Sequoia National Park, home to the giant sequoia, the redwoods that are the largest living things in the world. From Lemoore, head east on Highway 198 through Visalia and into the foothills community of Three Rivers. Three Rivers […]

Self Defense Tips For Women: The Top 20

Women are the target of 90% or more of all assaults from domestic violence to date, from rape to street crime, just one fact. Guys, you should also consider these tips. They will work for you and you can pass them on to the women in your life. 1. Establish a self defense program. 2. Adopt an attitude of self-defense. […]