It’s that time of year when Christmas cheer is in the air and companies are in full swing planning their end-of-the-year functions. That means they are actively looking for a place that makes their role special. They want to make sure the venue looks good, the food tastes good, and all the facilities are available to make the evening convenient and fun. Therefore, it is time for you to prepare your place for the peak season that is coming.

For New Years Eve functions from small to large, you will need the following catering equipment.

· Robot Robot Coupe Combo Food Processor. Food preparation is usually the longest part of the cooking process. The Robot Coupe Combo Food Processor will allow you to automatically cut, slice and grate vegetables, saving you valuable time.

· Anvil potato peeler. If you are serving hundreds of guests, you will have a lot of potatoes to peel. The Anvil potato peeler is a robust unit that automatically peels 12 kilograms of potatoes in 2 minutes.

Chafing plates. For large numbers of guests, it can be difficult to keep a large quantity of food warm. They are also beautifully designed with a polished finish. This is a great way to keep food warm while you wait to be served.

· Transport Cars and Buses. You will need to clean the plates of at least 10 guest tables if you have a hundred guests. A transport cart will allow waiters to quickly clear tables and bring dishes to the kitchen. This will also minimize breakage.

· Jugs of water. Placing a pitcher of water and a pitcher of juice on each guest table will make them feel welcome.

· Crockery. For catering purposes, you will need more than enough tableware, such as plates, plates, cups, and saucers. Also be sure to have drinks, wine, and glasses of champagne. If you are serving 100 people, make sure you have tableware for 110 people. The additional amount of catering equipment is a contingency for any eventuality with breakage or damage.

· Urns. After the guests have eaten, they may want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea. Having a coffee / tea station with an urn filled with hot water will keep your guests satisfied.

· Scotsman ice machine. Typically, many cold and alcoholic beverages are served at New Year’s Eve functions, so the demand for ice is very high. You will need to provide ice for hundreds of guests and your multiple drinks. An ice maker consistently produces ice on demand, so you won’t run out of ice in the intermediate setting.

· Commercial refrigeration. You will need to keep plenty of drinks cold throughout the show, so make sure you have a refrigerator that can accommodate all your drinks.

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