Restaurant owners and operators are only now beginning to aggressively pursue mobile marketing opportunities, including app development. While creating an app for your restaurant will benefit your bottom line, there’s a lot more to it. You see, customers benefit as much from a restaurant app as from the company that employed it.

If you are considering investing in a mobile app for your restaurant or nightclub, consider the following; 95% of smartphone users conduct restaurant searches and 90% of these users convert to sales during the day. Nearly half of all restaurant customers use mobile apps for restaurants they frequent more than twice a month. Customers love the apps because they offer direct information, ease of ordering takeout without having to worry about order accuracy, dietary specifications, and the ability to secure a reservation without having to deal with the background noise often associated with by making a phone call to a popular restaurant.

The restaurant app is truly a win-win tool, customers and business owners alike, providing an interactive consumer experience and (along with revenue growth) important customer data that will help guide future business decisions.

82% of restaurant customers like to use an online payment feature. This mobile app feature can secure more revenue for businesses offering home delivery and help customers decide which restaurant to order delivery from through the most user-friendly app by comparing two restaurants side by side.

Business owners need not worry about the complexities that are often associated with the concept of custom app design. There are many companies online that help business owners create and operate effective mobile apps. The lack of advanced technical skills should not incite fear or hesitation among business owners. It’s easier to learn about the mobile market and make money than it is to not be competitive and lose what are essentially easy sales.

Customers want to have great experiences with the restaurants they love to patronize. These great experiences, whether in person or online, help define a brand and increase customer loyalty. Therefore, mobile applications benefit many people, from the operational side to the client side.

If you’re hiring a company to design a custom app for your restaurant, remember to keep the design simple. Marketing studies have found that basic colors and simple shapes and offerings have the best impact when it comes to your customers’ needs.

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