In pro wrestling, you shouldn’t be interested in that mindless cardio where your brain goes to a different place. No, you need to focus on your heart and lungs while also concentrating on stimulating your mind. This is a sport for thinking men, all the meat stains are already taken!

The Pro Wrestlers cardio workout will be intense, but it will start out slow. Start with a few basic back and forth twists, nothing major, just enough to get your heartbeat going per minute. (About 20 in total will be enough).

The forward roll. Make a fist with both hands, place the flat part of your wrist on the mat, kick with your feet above your head, taking advantage of the moment to get back on your feet. Roll back. Start backwards by pushing your feet into a quick sitting position, taking advantage of the moment to roll backwards, placing your fist on the mat (protecting your neck) and getting back to your feet.

Then move on to quick basic workouts. Push-ups: 15 military push ups (Kaos Push ups) Straight shape, body as flat and rigid as a board. Head up and knock out the first 15, take a 15 count break (in the perfect push-up position) then move on to 14, with a 14 count break and so on until 1. Now that you’ve at least snapped to sweat. Follow up with some standing squats.

Squats: Minimum of 150. Legs shoulder-width apart. With your hands on the top of your head, cross your chest or sides, lifting them (directly in front of you) into the squat position. Back straight, head upright, and squat down to a sitting position 150 times.

Now that you’ve warmed up, it’s time to start muscle fatigue cardio. Submission fight. Starting in a standing position, the first man (or woman) enters the square circle, doing 10 one-minute rounds with a new opponent. (It doesn’t matter if you submit or win, everyone goes the full minute) 30 seconds break between matches and the first match is 3 minutes. (Total 11 rounds)

Now is the time to take it home. Just when he thought he had given all he could give. Just when he thought he had nothing left in the tank. Just when you think it’s all over This is the moment when you have to dig deep. Bring out your inner fighting spirit! When a Joe every day says I quit, you kick him times 10! Never say the attitude. Take out the fire that breathes within. It’s time for the Universal Pro Wrestling sequence.

Begin by pulling your opponent off the ropes with a dexterous Lash (similar to an arm drag for fans of American wrestling). Avoid your return charge. Follow up with a drop down menu and a fast jumping frog. Try to shoot your opponent with a fierce clothesline. Watch out, because if he crouches he can hit you with a devastating shoulder block. Don’t worry, if he does, do your drop down sequence, jump the frog and catch him with a big hiptoss. Cover (Pin) and repeat, 5 times. Role reversal (Doing both sides of this sequence counts as 1) Absorbing each fall with your feet as much as possible, you want to take as little damage as possible. And remember, only a trained professional wrestler can perform this task. All this done in 30 minutes. You can’t beat this intense workout.

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