Blaine Jelus is a chef who loves food and started cooking very early in life. He started his job when he was just eleven years old slicing cheese steaks and flipping burgers in Pennsylvania during the summer. Blaine honed his skills in those early days and became a master at cooking everything from the simplest dishes, like eggs and toast, to extravagant feasts, including lobster.

Over the years, Blaine’s love of food began to show as his waistline expanded. He realized to take care of his health and lose the extra weight when he was over 300 pounds and wants to return to an active lifestyle. Blaine found a renewed motivation and commitment to lose the extra weight for good and with his newfound passion for healthy eating, he came up with the idea for Blaine’s low-carb kitchen.

Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen offers a wide variety of original and innovative recipes that everyone can enjoy, from chicken nuggets to braised leg of lamb with red wine sauce.

Blaine has cooked up many delicious low carb recipes:

Mushroom and cheese quiche with crust and broccoli sprout salad.
Cheesecake with peanut butter cookie dough.
Melon with sauce to accompany.
Soft fish taco.
Baked Cream with Fruit Sauce.

Blaine’s low carb recipes along with the ingredients

Dip fruit sauce together with melon

Two and a half cups of diced honeydew.

side sauce

Three tablespoons of sour cream

Four ounce cream cheese.

· 3 tablespoons of sweetened syrup rich in low carbohydrates.

A tablespoon of orange pumpkin.

A quarter cup of crushed walnuts.

How to make dipping sauce

All ingredients except walnuts should be blended in a food processor until smooth as cream. Serve people with a half cup of melon along with two tablespoons of dipping sauce that should be spooned over the melons twice. The item should be served in a cold pan after decorating with crushed nuts. The single serving per person means you are getting 9.5 net carbs per serving.

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