The Platonic Chemistry of Fullerene and a Serious Mathematical Problem

Nanotechnology is clearly demonstrating the workings of Fullerene Platonic Chemistry and its related Creative Physics. The workings of this new medical science have been shown to be associated with the properties of carbon when they work in defiance of understanding of science in the 20th century. This new perspective on medical science was derived from ancient Greek science for ethical […]

House Cleaning Services In San Diego CA – Rankings

Why did I decide to do this … I started by opening the phone book and calling various cleaning companies. My purpose was to find the best results (I am picky about a clean house) at the best price. There were many options. Under-the-table mother and daughters, local small businesses, startups, students, and chains … House cleaners seem to find […]

Dwarf toss: a lost art

It’s 2 am. It’s dark outside. I look at my watch and suddenly realize that there are literally hundreds and thousands of people who get drunk on cheap alcohol and generally have a much better time than I do. I rub my eyes, sigh, shake my head, and move on. Not because I’m better than them. And not because he’s […]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Plans to Curb Big Business and CEOs

Senator Warren plans to stifle the influence of big business and various CEOs. The senator is not a fan of Wall Street or of corporations, especially large companies and their CEOs. Many people agree with her. They see multiple CEOs collect massive bonuses even when their decisions hurt consumers and other stakeholders. To fix these problems, Senator Warren introduced bills […]

The 10 most famous veterinary technician schools

Veterinary nurses are responsible for providing quality treatment to various animals. They play an important role in veterinary medical teams. How are they educated? Here come the veterinary technician schools. These schools are specially established to prepare a pool of future veterinary technicians with veterinary knowledge and clinical skills. Let’s take a look at the 10 most famous veterinary schools. […]

That Which Remains – Terry Daly Karl

Located in the city of Akron, in upper New York State, just outside of Buffalo, is the Akron Hotel. This is the location of this exceptional and atmospheric story. To refer to THAT WHICH REMAINS a horror, supernatural or mystery tale would not be enough description. This novel contains all of those elements and more. Author Terry Daly Karl is […]

401K Plans Affected by President Trump’s Signature "HR 1892"

Remove the six-month ban on 401k contributions after a hardship withdrawal: The IRS will change its regulation to allow employees who receive hardship distributions from a retirement plan to continue contributing to the plan. The new regulations will apply to plan years beginning after December 31, 2018. Include QNEC, QMAC, and profit-sharing contributions in a hardship retreat: The rules regarding […]

Running a Side Business: How to Create a Second Income

“Running a Side Business: How to Create a Second Income” by Attorney Richard Stim and Lisa Guerin, JD is a great little book that contains the basics of starting a business on one side, while keeping your day job. It’s one of the Nolo and USA Today collaborations, providing legal information in an easy-to-understand format with USA Today checklists, tips, […]

6 reasons why weight loss clinics are worth investing in

Weight loss clinics have become a worldwide phenomenon since the lucrative rise of the weight loss industry. In the United States, this industry is worth an estimated $ 20 billion according to a 2012 ABC News report. These clinics are definitely making huge profits, but their owners aren’t the only ones benefiting. Some clinics claim that their patients lost millions […]