Human growth hormone [HGH] It does more than simply cause fat loss. Tea

Today’s typical weight loss programs result not only in fat loss but also

also in many cases the loss of body mass. With HGH therapy there is not only

fat loss, but also the replacement of fat by muscle, which is why in

In some cases, people gain weight to their greatest advantage over the more

sculpted body and better health. Human Growth Hormone Actually Rethinks

your body, resulting in a younger and better functioning person.

Once we hit our mid-30s, there is this accelerating evolution

from a beautifully chiseled body to a more drop-like shape. Our lean body

mass (LBM) including all of our organs begin to wither while fat mass also

known as increased fat mass. In fact, between the ages of 30 and 75

Organs such as the brain, kidneys, liver, and pancreas atrophy by as much as 30.

It is now a well known medical fact that this fat gain significantly

increases the risk of heart attack, hypertension and diabetes and even

contributes to cancer.

The first long-term studies with HGH were conducted by Dr. Rudman in 1989 in

Saint Thomas in London in 24 growth hormone deficient adults.

Half the group was given a placebo while the other group was given

growth hormone. After six months, those taking growth hormone had lost an average

of 12.5 pounds of fat and gained an average of 12.1 pounds of lean body mass

which was mainly muscle. The study wouldn’t be as meaningful if it were just

related to the fact that the study was conducted in people with disease or removal

pituitary acorns, as this would only be limited to a few thousand people in

the United States.

The fact that is significant here is that this is

indicative of a lack of human growth hormone that almost everyone

experiences as they age. Rudman’s study showed that young adults with

Diseases of the pituitary are the same as those of older men and women. Rudman made a six

month of treatment in men between the ages of 60 and 81 giving them human growth

hormone. These men gained an average of 8.8 in fat mass. Also, your skin

thickened density 7.1 and 17. In a follow-up study, it was found after twelve

months of growth hormone treatment there was a further increase with

lean body mass increases by 6, skin thickness by up to 4 growth of a liver

and 23 acceleration in the rate of fat loss that was beyond the effects of

diet alone. In fact, the latest studies from Sweden now show that growth

The hormone is the most effective treatment to get rid of the midlife spread.

and all the diseases that come with it.

In the last 35 years we have gone from having ¼ of American citizens overweight to 1 /

3 in 1980 so far a 2/3 majority in 2004. Fat men have pulsatile release

of growth hormone that is three times lower compared to normal-weight men

and have 25 or more retrieve it. On a six-month course of growth hormone

handicapped adults in Sahlgrenska hospital there were a total of 20 compared

with 13 core deep layer body fat and 6.1 total body fat. The placebo group

gained fat during the same period. Also, there was a better glucose intake,

lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides and lower blood pressure.

Central abdominal fat appears to be the main culprit for insulin production.

resistance. This type of resistance, also known as type 2 diabetes, is now found in

academic proportions in the US and is directly related to obesity. Because

HGH is so effective in sucking up this underlying gut fat insulin

improves sensitivity and allows the body to eliminate blood sugar

more effectively. If you are now obese, HGH is a proven product to get

get rid of your fat in the areas where it is so dangerous to your health. In

In fact, it has been shown that the use of HGH will not only cause one to lose

significant weight, but also to gain muscle and even look and feel for decades


In previous studies, growth hormone appeared to counteract the effects of

insulin in glucose metabolism, which makes people more resistant to insulin.

There was an increase in insulin resistance in patients after six weeks of

growth hormone treatment. However, six-month studies show that insulin

sensitivity returns to where it was before treatment. In addition, large studies

with growth hormone show that there is no increased incidence of diabetes. This is

due to the profound changes in body composition after six months that

induces increased sensitivity to insulin due to the elimination of abdominal fat. When

uses growth hormone, tends to direct the action of insulin towards

putting sugar in heart, muscle, and nerve cells, instead of

fat cells.

Why in the world does one go for things like stomach stapling and all the rest?

crazy tricks that often have terrible side effects when HGH will do a lot

best job? A Belgian doctor, Thierry Hertoghe, made a careful body

measurements before and after two months of growth hormone treatment and

recorded a 23-30% contraction in older people’s love handles. Not only is

there is shrinkage of the abdomen but the lower thigh becomes

thinner, while the top gets thicker with more muscle. The belly

Most of his patients’ buttons went up more than 1 inch after two months.

of growth hormone treatment. The skin that hangs from the upper arm of a

woman is a sign of the loss of growth hormone. When a woman gets enough

growth hormone, this hanging skin on the upper arm tightens back to a normal state

more attractive appearance.

Growth hormone increases free fatty acids that make fat stores

available for energy production. There is a process in cells called lipolysis.

Fat cells have receptors for growth hormone and when growth hormone binds to

These receptors trigger a series of enzymatic reactions in the cell to

break down fat. Additionally, Human Growth Hormone increases overall energy.

spending to burn calories faster. Growth hormone is also believed

to counteract the effect of the hormone insulin. Insulin acts as a kind of

door opener to allow the entry of glucose, amino acids and fats into the cells. Growth

hormone dulls the sensitivity of this gate by opposing the action of

insulin, which means that much less fat is absorbed into the cell and the cell is

kept slim.

Growth hormone also conserves the nitrogen needed for muscle building. That

also increases protein synthesis without increasing protein breakdown

in cell. It is a well established fact that growth hormone deficiency

Adults who stop taking growth hormone have a significant decrease in muscle mass.

mass and force. Human growth hormone contributes significantly to the

muscle building and this has been proven in the study of many different

groups including athletes, healthy young men, GH-deficient adults, and the

old man.

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