Land Rover Range Rover arrives with a sophisticated new look and performance. For 2007, the automaker gave its flagship a new interior for more space and style, chassis upgrades, and an upgraded four-wheel drive system.

The 2007 Range Rover’s front fascia has been noticeably softened and paired with a thicker front bumper. The delicate folding cup found in the center console of the previous model of the vehicle was replaced by a simpler version improved with sliding covers. Cooled front seats and increased cargo capacity are optional.

In addition, the Range Rover OEM parts were also modified. For 2007, the 2.7L AJD Diesel V6 engine will be replaced by Ford’s new 3.6L AJD-V8. The latter makes 272 horsepower, much better than the 177 horsepower of the previous BMW Inline 6 engine.

Other changes for the 2007 model include the integration of Land Rover’s Terrain Response system and the fixing of Range Rover’s air suspension issues. The Terrain Response system is capable of automatically adjusting the suspension, brakes, throttle and electronic traction aids to provide a comfortable ride throughout the journey. According to car reviewers, with the available system, driving on rough terrain won’t result in a bumpy ride. The system drives the car for the driver. Another worthy refinement is the Brembo brake upgrade for the Range Rover 4.4 V8. The vehicle’s ignition switch was also moved. From the center console, the switch was transferred to the dashboard.

The Range Rover Supercharged will also employ an electronic rear differential. The electronic rear differential works with the standard electronic center locking differential to power off-road progress. This feature also aims to improve agility on the road. The Supercharged trim is also equipped with upgraded Brembo front brakes, premium leather upholstery, adaptive headlights, a heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats, and a ski bag attached to the rear center seat back. Power for the Supercharged version comes from the 4.2-liter supercharged V8 that has 400 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque.

The new Range Rover combines the conflicting functions of automobiles by offering extraordinary ergonomics and styling with the extreme performance of a rugged and mean off-road vehicle. Range Rover uses the basic formula of style, comfort, performance, reliability and excellent off-road technology.

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