Was it stressful at times having to change dirty diapers almost every two hours? It even got worse when her beloved son became a teenager; he or she used to be rebellious and gave you sleepless nights. Time flew by, and now your “child” has become an adult. What happens when you realize that he or she is making a big mistake? Will you scold him like the teenager you used to have? I am sure that this will ruin your cordial relationship with him/her.

Everyone wants to have their adult child as their best friend, but this won’t be easy unless you recognize their adulthood and also learn to treat them with the same level of respect that you’ll give other adults. This will definitely strengthen the bond between the two of you. Now that your son is ready to settle down, but his choice of spouse makes him want to force some common sense on their heads, so how do you handle that situation? You can try to talk to your child about his concerns, but try to keep a respectful tone to prevent your own blood from rebelling against you! If talking to them doesn’t help, you will have to face the bitter reality and just accept and respect your spouse.

Visiting your children in their homes will certainly put a smile on their faces, “your presence is more important than your gifts”… but you will also have to inform them of your visit. This will definitely create a good atmosphere between you and your child’s family. Making surprise visits may seem like fun, but also keep in mind that your child is now an adult and her privacy must be respected. If they still live under your roof, you may need to involve them in running the household. This doesn’t mean you should force them to pay rent…letting them buy some groceries, utilities, and sometimes paying water bills won’t break a bone.

Gone are the days when you used to have the last word! They are no longer small children, so when it comes to having family discussions you will have to listen to what they have to say and respect their ideas. If you don’t agree with any of their advice, you’ll need to speak to them respectfully and try to gently convince them to buy into your ideas. Addressing important family related matters without informing them will definitely drive them away from you!

There comes a point when your adult child will ask you for a loan. Remember that you are his best friend! and they definitely count on you. So how do you go about this? If you’re not in a position to help, just be honest about it…they’re adults and they’ll understand. If you can swing it, be transparent about it and let your other children know. This will prevent sibling rivalry. Next, set up a payment schedule. By granting them loans you are turning them into very independent people. Raising adult children is much easier than managing teenagers. Despite their adult status, they will still be your babies, and you should give them a hand when necessary.

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