Implementing the colors of the 7 chakras in your environment is a simple and effective way to bring about change in your life. If you have one (or multiple chakras) out of balance, add that chakra color to your home.

Here is the quick guide to chakra colors:

Red: The first chakra is about stability, balance, and community. Signs that you might be out of balance in this energy center include fear, excessive preoccupation with money and finances, and a feeling of being “apart” from those around you. Consider adding shades of red to your home. On a small scale, consider a red candle or sconce, a painting or poster with red elements, or red flowers such as roses. If you want to work a lot with this energy center, buy a bright red bathrobe to snuggle in every night, a red bedspread for your bed, or red curtains. For crystals consider garnet or ruby.

Orange: The second chakra is related to creativity, sensuality and sexuality. Signs of an imbalance include feeling bored with life, stuck in a rut, inhibited sexuality with your partner, or a lack of enthusiasm in your life. For a quick boost, decorate with a bowl of oranges in your kitchen, amber or carnelian stones in your living room, or a bold orange rug. If your creative side seems frustrated, add shades of orange where you do your work, such as near your computer desk or in an art room if you have one. If it’s the sensual side of life that seems to be missing, add lots of subtle touches of orange to your bedroom to spice things up. Consider the bergamot scented potpourri with dried orange slices and an orange nightgown.

Yellow: The third chakra is related to self-esteem, self-confidence and limits. Signs of an imbalance include letting people walk all over you, being a “people pleaser,” feeling like you’re not good enough, or feeling a lack of success in your life. Yellow is the color of confidence. Consider yellow accents on jewelry, ties, and scarves. For crystals, give tiger’s eye and yellow calcite a try. At home and at work, add pops of bright yellow in decorative accents, especially in places where you tend to feel powerless.

For flowers, think daffodils and yellow daisies. Around the house, add a group of yellow candles or a yellow vase. If there is an area (such as at work) where you often feel low self-esteem, fill the area in yellow. Add frames, paintings, carpets, even lamps in yellow and you will see how your self-esteem rises.

Green (and pink): The fourth chakra is all about matters of the heart. It is about self-love, love for others, compassion and gentleness. Green is the traditional color associated with this energy center, but pink is also considered appropriate for it. If you have difficult relationships with friends, family, and loved ones, you could work on this chakra. Other signs of trouble include holding on to painful memories, being stuck in the past, and being critical of yourself or others. For stones, add serpentine, malachite, or rose quartz to your home. Home accents can include decorative green grasses, bamboo plants, green or pink candles, and jade.

Turquoise or Celeste: The fifth chakra is the center of communication. It covers all areas of communication with others. Imbalances include being overly reserved or shy, having difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions, frequently misinterpreting your words, or excessive talking.

The best strategy for this energy center is to get a turquoise pendant and wear it often. Around the house add elements of light blue and sky colors. If there’s an area where communication always seems to be a problem, be sure to add a large blue element, such as a poster, painting, curtains, or even a sofa cover in a light blue or sky blue color.

Indigo or Dark Blue: The sixth chakra is the intuitive realm. It’s following a hunch in the right direction or getting a nudge that says “don’t go that way.” Signs of imbalance include feeling cut off from your intuition, confusion about which path to follow in life, frequent indecision, and an inability to make a decision on small or large matters. It is also related to dreams and the night, so another sign of imbalance is nightmares, insomnia, night terrors or restless sleep. Stones for this energy center include lapis lazuli and azurite. Get an indigo sleep mask to wear to bed at night, dark blue sheets for your bed, paint your bedroom a deep blue, deep or purple, and indigo curtains for your bedroom. On a smaller level, get some indigo decorative items and keep them on your nightstand for sleep problems or wherever you have the most frequent bouts of indecision.

Purple: The seventh energy center is the crown and relates to spirituality, elevation, enlightenment, and peace of mind. Signs of imbalance are depression, “feeling low,” nervousness, feeling alone in the world, and anxiety. The stones for this energy center are amethyst, lepidolite, and clear quartz. Add shades of purple, from violet to deep royal purple to your home and watch your mood lift naturally. Think purple shower curtains, sofa cushions, tablecloths or vases. To give this centerpiece a big boost, wear a purple dress, tie, or hat.

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