The nightlife in Protaras Cyprus has something to offer to discerning tourists of all kinds. Whether you want to party until dawn or just enjoy an intimate dinner for two, you won’t be disappointed with the nightlife in Protaras, Cyprus, that’s for sure. This charming resort has more trendy bars and eateries than you can imagine, plus a vibrant array of family-friendly entertainment that’s also usually completely free to patrons. Add a great mix of traditional and exotic cuisine to make this Cyprus resort one of the best for nightlife along the sunny east coast.

If you want to party in most of the bars, enjoy great entertainment throughout the summer season with some real class acts and famous names. On a typical night on the Strip, you’ll be treated to appearances by such high-profile celebrities as Cher, Elvis, and Meatloaf, to name just a few. There have even been a few sightings of Michael Jackson in local bars, which in itself is quite remarkable, especially considering the fact that he’s already dead. There are also many other great tribute artists performing along the strip, making nightlife in Protaras, Cyprus even more entertaining.

If you haven’t had much fun yet when the bars finally close, you can try one of the nightclubs like Boogies, where they play a diverse selection of sounds for everyone from dancing dads to clubbers of all ages. Although the party capital of Ayia Napa is just a short bus or taxi ride away, you can stay at the resort and keep partying until the wee hours of the next day. Then maybe straight from the club to one of the many bars serving an excellent full cooked breakfast to keep you going for the day before another big night out.

If your idea of ​​nightlife is a romantic dinner for two followed by a walk on the beach, you’re also in luck because there’s a new path between the resort and its little sister, Pernera. Much of the path is made of raised platforms and is fully illuminated after dark, offering a stunning view of the moon bathing the calm Mediterranean Ocean. There are also some really nice rest areas where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Cyprus at night. The beaches are also a great place to walk in the cool sea breeze and maybe even bathe in the moonlight and we haven’t heard of any great white sharks in Cyprus (yet).

So if you love nightlife, there is no need to leave the resort even to go to the pubs or clubs. The food on offer is excellent, from MacDonald’s to modern Japanese cuisine cooked at the table for those special occasions. In fact, you can sample food from around the world in many of the excellent restaurants dotted along the strip, including traditional Cypriot dishes and even the delights of an all-day English breakfast if you miss home cooking. So kick back, relax and enjoy the nightlife in Protaras, Cyprus.

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