I was walking on the beach this morning enjoying the sound of the sea lapping at the pebbles. My mind was at neutral and I was grateful for such a beautiful morning and for the blessing of living on the coast.

My thoughts drifted and wandered towards realizing one of my most cherished goals, and then towards the trade deal that could make it possible … and then I was pondering how this trade deal may or may not be successful.

Then my thoughts drifted further to analyzing how much this mattered to me and all the good things that depended on getting the result I wanted. I thought about how a successful outcome would allow me to help a particular person that I have been mentoring.

Then I started to get frustrated: “… Why does this take so long … if seeing is believing that I can’t see this happening …?”

In just a few minutes my peace of mind and awareness of the present moment was shattered and I felt frustrated, anxious and resentful …

The ego has a very clear idea of ​​how things should be.

When reality doesn’t match that image and expectation, the result is frustration and pain.

It’s my life and I’ll do it my way

Our minds are automatically programmed to create what we perceive as MY life and it all comes neatly packaged with clear boundaries that define my sense of who I am and how things are.

But who is this “me”?

If you were to look deep enough and persist with the question “Who am I?” You will find that there is nothing there!

This is not an idea or a theory, it is an experienced reality. I speak from direct personal experience, having been in this line of research myself, as a by-product of some extremely difficult situations in the past.

When you look deep enough, all you will find is a lot of ideas about “me”, thoughts that “I” have, concepts, ideas and images of “me” – all the things that make up “how I see myself. “and that defines” my own image “.

When all these layers of “I am” are removed, there is nothing more than a largely automatically pre-programmed thoughts and responses operating system that handles the bag of bones we like to think of as “me.”

Metaphorically, think of the ego as “Windows 10” with “self” awareness!

Seeing is believing, right?

Like the characters in “The Matrix,” we are deceived by the illusion that what we see is how things really are.

Why? Because this is the default setting for “Windows 10”, which:

* See things “out there”

* See separation

* See a world of circumstances, events, and situations.

He is limited by time and sees a past and a future.

* See the present moment, now, through the lens of your own internal map of reality, which seamlessly links with your memory of a past and conjecture and projection of a future.

Therefore, we are deceived by our thoughts, we are trapped in our thoughts and we cannot think to get out of it.

There really is no way out through the conventional workings of the human mind.

We confuse the map with the territory.

Seeing is believing is our default setting.

But, as we become more aware, in the spaces between our thoughts, we experience that we are much more than the conventional, limited sense of self.

We are not “Windows 10”!

As we experience this, we realize that we are spiritual or energetic beings and that we are really all interconnected and part of an all-encompassing one.

The walls of separation are falling.

“Windows 10” is not an energetic being and its intention, its expectation, is tied to the circumstances.

A personal illustration

I remember a situation like this where I was rooted and obsessed with circumstances. I was looking outside myself at the circumstances for evidence of how I could believe my intentions were possible.

I was looking outside myself at the circumstances for evidence of how I could believe my intentions were possible.

Eventually I realized that belief, or expectation, was an internal state and that my life experience ultimately depended on that.

Don’t keep looking outside yourself, at the circumstances, for evidence of HOW it could all work.

It starts within you. First you have to feel it and then things will change and your intentions will come true.

Seeing is believing and letting go of the “How?”

Letting go and letting go of the “How?” it is difficult for the ego because letting go is an act of surrender, of giving up control.

It is also a question of temperament. Those of whom we see ourselves as leaders and responsible may find it particularly difficult. Often times, we can only truly let go when we reach a stage of despair.

Alternatively, we can use the following less dramatic and less stressful approach:

* Make peace with the present moment by accepting what is.

* Give thanks and express gratitude for who you are, regardless of the circumstances.

* Connect with your higher self / higher power / spiritual self through advanced gratitude practice.

* See the final result and the result you are looking for and, this is the key, feel it and say thank you.

* Act – and act on internal prompts, guidance and intuitions as they arise and do the best you can. When you act, do it. Do not think about it and let go of the attachment to the result.

* Finally, and most importantly – THE GESTATION PERIOD – understand it, believe in it, accept it and persist through it.

“Stop worrying about how it is going to happen and start believing it will happen.”

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